Mike Davis

Jazz Trumpet in the Classic Tradition

Photo Jane Kratochvil



 Mike appears on the new album "Uptown Jump" by Glenn Crytzer's Savoy Seven, featuring all original swing music by Glenn Crytzer!    Purchase here:



 The new book "I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman" features a four-page profile of Mike, including a tattoo peek! 

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 Glenn Crytzer's Rhythm Club's photo. Mike is featured on the new album "Focus Pocus" by Glenn Crytzer's Savoy Seven.  Purchase here





CARNIVAL OF JOY! a celebration of Hoagy Carmichael cover art
Mike appears on Emily Asher's new EP "Carnival of Joy: A Celebration of Hoagy Carmichael". Purchase here: Carnival of Joy.


Coming Right Up

New York Hot Jazz Festival at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola
10 Columbus Circle, Manhattan. Mike will be playing with Dan Levinson's Roof Garden Jass Band at 7:30 PM and with Patrick Bartley's Bix and Tram Retrospective at 9:30 PM

The Rum House with Jesse Gelber
228 W. 47th St, Manhattan. 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM

Fat Cat with Terry Waldo
75 Christopher St, Manhattan. 5:45 PM to 8:00 PM

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